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The Master Gunner sling in Afghanistan

The secret is IN THE BUNGEE CORE. Hugs the shooter. Bungee Sling offers full draw stabilizing of each shot. Watch this Video. What’s more, This Bungee Hug will (when drawn in 2 Point) the shooter. Aiding with Shot to Shot transition. Reduces recoil and keeps the weapon safe and secure.


Capable of 1 & 2 point configurations
Changable connecters
Lifetime Warranty
Fits all rifles, shotguns, crossbows and compound bows
Tri-strand bungee core
EZ adjuster range 34″-54″ inch’s
USA made mil-spec Mojave side clip buckles
Sold world wide including Army installations and tactical stores

Have control of your firearm at all times. As such, The Survivor sling was created to be versitile. The bungee inner core allows for emergency use of the paracord. Without loosing full sling function. The EZ adjuster is more of a pulley than a strap adjuster. Bungee full draw stabilizing. In addition, On demand adjustive ability. The advantages of the one point sling is comfort. Multi mission capability and durability.

All parts and workmanship are warranted for life. No proof of purchase is necessary, possession alone will get your service

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Be ready, in all ways, with The Survivor Sling Sling Systems…….

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